Dreams Beta Release Date Release Announced During “Totally Normal” Livestream

MediaMolecule scheduled another Dreams livestream today, announcing that a Dreams beta release date is set for some players from December 19. The announcement comes after a regular run of gameplay footage being shown off from the team behind LittleBigPlanet and more, but the chance to finally go hands with the game will be music to some fans’ ears having waited a while for such a chance. The open beta will go live on for PS4.

The livestream kicked off with showing with, well, a man accidentally caught eating cake. We then had to wait for the stream’s sound to get sorted out but once that all got fixed, boy did we get a show. The stream gave us a tour of Dreams‘ “Let’s Create” feature, showing off environmental features like lava. An interesting feature about the lava is that at its center reads a message saying, “Dreams Beta live on December 19.”

The announcement means that fans who are signed up to the Dreams‘ newsletter and are located in the US, Europe, and select other regions, will receive a beta code from December 19. The game will be open to everyone in a couple of weeks, with the dev team saying that it should be available “around the 4th or 5th” of January, with the beta available until January 21. The beta will take up around 4 GB of space.

The stream explained that before players get a chance to explore Dreams, there’ll be a short tutorial to help players understand the different tools available to them. While VR functionality will be available in the full build, it won’t be included in the beta version of the game.

It’s been a long wait for news of the beta, with fans relying on sparse updates for a long time before Media Molecule began being more active with coverage of the game. The team had promised that a beta would be available before the end of 2018, and the news announced during the livestream means that the creative bunch over at MediaMolecule have managed to keep their word.

Watch live video from Media_Molecule on www.twitch.tv