Solid Snake Voice Actor Reads A Metal Gear Christmas Poem to Fans

The classic Solid Snake voice actor and Liquid Snake voice actor teamed up to give fans a delightful little surprise: their very own Metal Gear version of a traditional Christmas poem.

Liquid Snake voice actor Cam Clarke teamed up with the original Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter to read the duo’s very own version of Clement Clarke Moore’s traditional poem Twas the Night Before Christmas, A Visit from St. Nicholas. The pair of veteran voice actors couldn’t help but add their own little twist to the poem and throw in some changes that are sure to delight fans of the Metal Gear series. Here’s a sampling of the poem:

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

All through Mother Base,

Not a genome was stirring,

Not even Skull Face.

My weapons were hung

by the bedside with care,

in hopes that Roy Campbell

soon would be there.

Amusingly, the video is not a straight reading by the Solid Snake voice actor and Liquid Snake voice actor. Instead, they occasionally interrupt the poem with banter regarding some of the more humorously horrifying lines. For example, Cam Clarke feigns offense over Mr. Hayter reading the line “What the hell, kill them all!” While Liquid Snake’s VA Cam Clarke appears upset since it’s supposed to be a cheery Christmas poem, the Solid Snake voice actor contends that Metal Gear is a “dark world.” And, well, he’s not wrong.

The video winds down with the Solid Snake voice actor wishing fans a “Merry Christmas, a nuclear battle tank-free New Year, and a happy holidays to all” from their “twisted, genetically screwed-up family to yours.” It concludes with both voice actors laughing maniacally as the camera pans upwards.

The Metal Gear Christmas poem is a fantastic little skit that was wonderfully-delivered by David Hayter and Cam Clarke. It’s packed full of references to the game that fans are sure to enjoy! Make sure you take a moment to watch the video and enjoy some Metal Gear lore delivered in hilarious, heartwarming fashion.