Blizzard Gear Store Orders Reportedly Canceled Before Christmas In The EU

Blizzard Gear Store orders are reportedly being canceled in the EU. Many of these orders had been expected to arrive before Christmas Day, so it’s certainly been a downer for the select few customers who are saying that they’ve not received orders they had placed late last month.

The Blizzard Gear Store is Blizzard Entertainment’s own shop for selling products based on their games. Customers can pick up all sorts of neat clothes, collectibles, and other items featuring the characters from OverwatchWorld of Warcraft, and other titles from the company. Unfortunately, a number of users are reporting on the /r/Games subreddit that they’ve had their Blizzard Gear Store orders in the EU canceled—just in time to put a damper on their holiday spirits.

The post (since removed, but still available elsewhere) has several Redditors stating that they placed their Blizzard Gear Store orders during the website’s Black Friday sale and have now found them canceled. Some of the customers affected by this issue had depended on the storefront for their Christmas presents and are understandably disappointed that they won’t be receiving them. According to the affected customers, the undelivered items are being refunded and they’re receiving a coupon for 30% off their next order. However, a couple of these Redditors point out that some of the Black Friday discounts they had taken advantage of were much better than 30% off.

At the moment, the EU Blizzard Gear Store has a message at the top of the website warning customers about this issue. The message states that any orders placed after November 26, 2018, will not arrive in time for Christmas. However, some of the Redditors who reported that their orders were canceled stated that they had placed them before this date. The warning messages states that the delays are due to “high demand”, so it’s possible that these issues may have ultimately led to the Black Friday orders of these unfortunate customers being canceled.

Blizzard is at least trying to do right by the customers by giving them a refund for their canceled Blizzard Gear Store orders in the EU. That said, it’s certainly a disappointment to hear that the company was unable to fulfill these orders. Hopefully, those affected by this issue will be able to find something else in time for the holidays.