New Fallout 76 PVP Mode Will Have No Pacifist Setting

Bethesda has confirmed that a new Fallout 76 PvP mode will arrive in early 2019. The game mode will allow players to fight against each other without having to agree to a fight. It’s the latest update for the game that’s come after a period of unrelenting backlash for the game.

The PvP approach in post-apocalyptic Appalachia may be the shot in the arm the game needs. Mutants and robots run amok but other players rarely pose a threat unless you engage them in combat, with the damage they inflict on you greatly reduced until you shoot back. It’s a feature that helps in avoiding players simply griefing one another but it’s also one that essentially turns other players into moving scenery.

Bethesda is hoping to change that though with its announcement of a new PvP mode coming to the game in early 2019. Details on what the mode are pretty light, with Bethesda only saying that it’ll be a mode “where you can work together, or not, without PvP restrictions.”  So, it sounds like it’ll be the same open-world gameplay rather than a separate lobby for team deathmatches or something, meaning that players should get that extra added slice of danger to their game once the new mode arrives.

Along with the new PvP mode, Bethesda has confirmed that players can expect fixes to the Lever Action-Rifle’s animations, changes to perk cards, and fixes for enemy spawn issues. And along with gameplay fixes, Bethesda has explained that the patch notes it releases will be more detailed, allowing players to see if balance changes have been introduced and explaining how they affect the game. Bethesda has introduced a string of patches since Fallout 76‘s release in an attempt to fix the sordid state the game was released in. Though not all of them have been received so positively, the recent widescreen support Bethesda offered turned out to not really do the job it was supposed to.