The Battle.Net Holiday Sale Has Begun

There are some pretty heavy discounts on Blizzard and Activision games right now as the holiday sale has begun. Many games, expansions, and in some cases in-game purchases are going at reasonably good prices with some things even higher than 50 percent off their current standard pricing, depending on your region. These sales will run until January 7, 2019.

American World of Warcraft fans can pick up all editions of Battle for Azeroth at $20 off their usual price while Australian players are treated to a 40 percent discount. Most regions can get the limited time See You Later bundle at a 65 percent discount. This includes three pets, mounts, and helms that may not be available again. Some new pets and mounts are going for half price and you can find discounts on other cosmetics throughout the store.

If you haven’t tried Blizzard’s competitive team-based shooter Overwatch yet, or you’re looking to add a friend to your team now may be a good time. It’s been marked down to around half price and this includes upgrading to the Legendary Edition if you want that extra in-game Blizzard loot.

Diablo III and its expansions are up to 50 percent off across the stores and StarCraft II and StarCraft Remastered have also been discounted. Blizzard fans who missed out on Blizzcon can also get the virtual ticket at 20 percent off, giving them access to exclusive videos from the event and in-game items including the exclusive Sombra demon hunter skin.

Battlenet’s holiday sales aren’t just limited to Blizzard properties as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Destiny 2: Forsaken are also receiving the discount treatment.

Call of Duty is going for up to 25 percent off on the American store across the digital editions. The Black Ops 4 Battle Edition which features just the battle royale and multiplayer modes can also be purchased for $29.99 at its introductory price.

Australians can get up to 15 percent off the latest Call of Duty title’s deluxe editions or pick up the standard version for $58.45 down from $89.95. Aussie players can also pick up the Black Ops 4 Battle Edition for $44.95.

Lastly, Destiny players who haven’t picked up the latest expansions are looking at up to 25 percent discounts across all stores. If you’re new and didn’t grab Destiny 2 for free a few weeks back, you can purchase the complete collection at up to 40 percent discount.