Amazon MMO New World Fortress Construction Shown in New Screenshots

Amazon Game Studios continues to show off in-game pictures of its MMO, New World. The developer is slowly trickling out new screenshots showcasing the game’s fortress construction, pigs, alchemy, and the game’s magic.

New World, Amazon’s MMORPG about territory domination and survival, was originally announced in September 2016. Since then, little information has come out about the game. Currently in a small, closed private alpha, New World‘s internet presence comes largely from the game’s Twitter. Every couple of days, a new post comes from @playnewworld, and brings with it new screenshots of the game.

One series of tweets has focused on the game’s master craftsmen. Blacksmiths, builders, engineers, and alchemists have all been shown tending to their trades. Blacksmiths produce armor and weapons, and will be necessary to equip players properly. Builders fortify and build new constructions, strengthening forts and cities against enemies. Engineers craft advanced ranged weaponry including guns and cannons. Engineers also develop siege technology, which is useful when conquering enemies. Finally, the alchemists concocts reagents that provide buffs to players and their teammates.

The game appears to be a particularly sandbox-like experience, with the various craftspeople teaming up and working to conquer the new world. It also has cute little pigs.

Look at this little guy from Amazon's New World.

The MMO also features mysterious magic effects, especially due to the “mysterious substance,” Azoth. According to the game’s Twitter, whoever controls the substance will control the world’s fate. On the other end of the spectrum is “Corruption,” a crimson-colored substance that brings danger to the land and people alike.

New World is already visually arresting, with soft light filling every image shown off. Built using Amazon’s proprietary Lumberyard engine, the MMO is said to support up to 10,000 players in a single instance. Amazon’s web services cloud network will likely help the game host such large world instances. Lumberyard is a forked production of CryEngine 3, officially becoming its own product in 2015.