Spider-Man PS4 Update Adds Stan Lee Tribute

The latest Spider-Man PS4 update may honor Sam Raimi’s movie trilogy by including the iconic suit, but it also honors another legend. The latest patch also adds in a special post-game screen that commemorates Stan Lee who passed away in November 2018. Players will reportedly be able to see the special screen once they beat the game.

Reddit user TheGameBoy76 uploaded a screen shot of the tribute. It reads: “Excelsior! In memory of Stan Lee who inspired us all to be greater.”

stan lee

While known for showing up in multiple Marvel movies (and one DC film), Stan Lee had a bunch of cameos in other games and his appearance in the Spider-Man PS4 game would have been his last one before his passing. However, he has already recorded a few of his next appearances ahead of time, meaning he will still physically show up a few more times. For example, he popped up in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the recent critically acclaimed animated film that came out in early December 2018. That movie also contains a similar tribute at the end of its credits.

Game Director Bryan Intihar talked to Kinda Funny Games about working with Lee for the cameo. Aside from saying it was a “stamp of approval” for the game and a “career highlight,” he stated how smoothly the short process went.

“We brought him to get his head scanned, which was super fun” he said. “And then we brought him into the booth and we only had him do a couple lines because he’s a busy man. And was like, ‘That’s it?!?’ It was great. He was super nice.”

The graveyard in the game on the north end of the city does not seem to have a tombstone dedicated to Lee. There is a tombstone there for Ben Parker, which Spider-Man can visit for a few extra voice lines and a trophy.