War Thunder Festive Quest Gives You Four Premium Vehicles For Free

The War Thunder Festive Quest is live and it’s in the gift-giving mood. The limited time event has a bunch of premium goodies to give away for players until the event wraps up on January 14. The prizes included two premium airplanes and two tanks that players can get their hands on without spending a single penny.

The Festive Quest kicked off today and will run until January 14, offering players a chance to snag some premium vehicles simply by… collecting toys? Yes, the tokens you’ll use to cash in those prizes are indeed cuddly Christmas toys. You can get them by completing at least three of the five challenges that the developer will introduce every other day. The challenges are pretty straightforward, with the first two days’ challenges asking players to “Destroy 30/15/10 player controlled enemies in an airplane” or to “Capture 15 points” as a tank.

Along with the personal challenges that grant a prize coupon, the Festive Quest also offers a handful of communal challenges for extra rewards. These group challenges are all focused on getting lights on the in-game Christmas tree, with 50,000 lights rewarding players with a 77 percent RP booster. The other challenges all offer similar rewards, going up to 300,000 lights on the tree, which nets players two coupons for different premium vehicles.

If you like the look of the prizes but can’t actually be bothered to complete the bi-daily challenges, War Thunder has you covered. You’ll be able to use the game’s paid for currency to buy yourself a handful of coupons but really, if you’re going to do that you may as well just pay for the vehicles, right?

The next set of challenges for the War Thunder Festive Quest are due to arrive on December 23 at 11 am GMT and will continue to change every other day until January 14.