The Last of Us Part 2’s Development Completes the Most “Heart-Wrenching” Scene

We got a rare bit of news surrounding The Last of Us Part 2 development this week, as the game’s most “heart-wrenching” scene was all wrapped up. Other than a photo of a mo-cap session, there’s not much else to go on about the game’s development as we all anxiously await a release date, or even a release window for the game.

Yes, no news is usually good news but it’s also fairly annoying when you’re waiting for a game like The Last of Us Part 2. Though we finally got a brief update of the game after Naughty Dog vice president Neil Druckmann posted a shot of a recent mo-cap session to Twitter. He said that the picture was taken during the filming of the game’s “most complicated and heart-wrenching scene.”

The picture shows Ellie’s actress, Ashley Johnson, sitting and listening to a guitar being played. You might remember that the reveal trailer we saw for the game actually starred a guitar being played by Ellie in a fairly beat-up room suggesting the scene that Druckmann is referring to will center around Ellie’s relationship with Joel or a scene that sees her finally kicking off her music career and going on tour in this terrifying new world. Clicker mosh pit, anyone? Either scenario seems fairly plausible.

As you might expect, Druckmann was anything but forthcoming about further details about the scene or the game’s development. Though, he does end his tweet promising “more to come next year.” Given that so much of what we’ve seen of the game has been limited to a handful of cinematic trailers and a single portion of gameplay, nailing down just how close to being completed The Last of Us Part 2 is, is fairly difficult. Here’s hoping we see a bit more gameplay in the new year.

Other than Druckmann’s tweet, we got a morsel of The Last of Us Part 2 goodness, with a dynamic theme for the game being released for free. Those of us hoping to glean some information from the theme were left empty handed though, with the theme starring a burning car and well, that’s it.