Jack Black’s Gaming YouTube Channel Hits 2 Million Subscribers Before Official Debut

Comedian, actor, musician, and noted Kung Fu Panda Jack Black has been no stranger to video games over the years and has now taken that love one step further with his new gaming YouTube channel. Jablinski Games was unveiled on December 21, 2018 through a short announcement teaser and has already accumulated over 2 million subscribers just over a week later. It’s worth noting that the channel has yet to even start making gaming videos.

The announcement teaser and video expressing thanks are the only two uploads on the channel and are a combined one minute and 17 seconds. Black released the video thanking his audience for 1 million subscribers only a week after the announcement. Said announcement video stated that the videos will premiere in 2019 and come out every Friday.

And these videos will be “bigger than Ninja” and “bigger than PewDiePie” according to Black just before he went jarringly horizontal. It also appears that his child (or children) will be an integral part the channel as his son, Sam, edited both uploads. Those uploads are the only official words about the channel, as Black has not mentioned it on his relatively new Twitter profile.

Black has tangled with video games before. He hosted the Spike TV Video Game Awards in 2008, complete with a cross-platform orgy that is exactly what it sounds like. Aside from showing up at E3, Black has also starred in a few games and was most notably the lead protagonist in developer Double Fine’s rockin’ real-time strategy game, Brutal Legend. He worked with Double Fine again to voice a character in Broken Age in 2014. Black also lent his voice to two games based on films he appeared in: 2005’s King Kong and 2015’s Goosebumps.

Other celebrities have dabbled with gaming on YouTube or Twitch before. Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst has streamed Call of Duty, actor Terry Crews has made PC gaming videos with his sons, and musician T-Pain regularly broadcasts on Twitch to name a few. While it is yet to be seen how Jablinski Games will turn out or if it sticks to its proposed weekly schedule, there seems to be a fervor attached to this project that separates it from the pack.