Ninja Couldn’t Get New Yorkers to Floss on New Year’s Eve

If you can’t embarrass yourself on New Year’s Eve, then when can you embarrass yourself? Ninja searched for the answer to this rhetorical question during his NYE Twitch live stream, failing to get hundreds of New Yorkers to floss alongside him. While kids can’t get enough of the dance move popularized by Fortnite, it seems that New York’s citizens aren’t as enamored by it, with the streamer struggling to get anyone to join in.

The excruciating moment came during Ninja’s special New Year’s Eve show, in which he played Fortnite live in Times Square. It was clipped by viewers, with the unsuccessful dance break having been viewed by over 1 million people at the time of this writing.

Watch the clip below:

It wasn’t long before viewers made memes of the moment, including recreating it during a game of Fortnite:

While Ninja will likely want to forget this unfortunate clip, he can’t have too much to complain about heading into 2019. Prior to his NYE event, he held an interview with CNN in which he revealed details of how much money he made last year due to his Twitch success.

According to Ninja, he earned nearly $10 million in 2018. He estimated that his Twitch and YouTube channels accounted for nearly 70 percent of his total income, with him also earning more money from sponsorships. Last year, he partnered with the likes of Samsung, Uber Eats, and Red Bull to bolster his finances. His popularity also skyrocketed due to his special celebrity stream with rapper Drake.

During last night’s 12-hour live stream, Ninja paired with Red Bull in order to give away $100,000 throughout the course of the event. He was joined by special guests including Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar Jr., and major streamers such as TimTheTatMan, DrLupo, and CourageJD.

Prior to broadcasting, the stream had already proven to be controversial, with many streamers complaining about ads for the live show appearing in their own vids. Ninja responded by saying that the NYE broadcast would “grant exposure to Twitch” that would ultimately help out smaller streamers.