Anthem Game Length “Tough to Answer,” Says Bioware Producer

Fans of previous BioWare games are used to fairly generous play time, but the Anthem game length isn’t an easy thing to nail down, at least according to the game’s lead producers. Anthem is an entirely different game compared to previous titles from the Dragon Age or Mass Effect series, and those in the know seem to be fairly cagey when speaking about the game. Anthem will arrive on PC and console in February, but we’ll get a demo ahead of its full release.

Anthem‘s lead producers Mike Gamble and Ben Irving took to Twitter in a bid to answer some fan questions about the game length of Anthem recently. The answers they gave weren’t exactly illuminating though; Gambit only said that the game length is “tough to answer,” while Irving said that it’s “hard to compare” Anthem to previous BioWare games.

A big reason as to why Anthem‘s game length is hard to nail down could be because of the non-linear route players can take throughout the adventure. BioWare’s director previously said that players won’t be stopped from teaming up with friends because of where they are in the story, instead only being alerted to possible story spoilers, but that’s it. It’s a move that left some fans of the developer a little uneasy as to how strong Anthem‘s story will be. Irving has said that the game’s length is dependent “on how you play,” but still remained vague when it came to putting a number of hours to the game. We’ve also seen comments from the development team saying that Anthem is a game best played in co-op, casting further doubt over how strong the game’s story will be.

Players will get an idea of what the latest BioWare release offers when the Anthem demo arrives in late January for players who pre-ordered the game. Those who don’t pre-order Anthem can expect an open demo in early February, and both demos will require a constant internet connection when playing.