Kenny Omega Uses Undertale Entrance for NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13

Kenny Omega used Undertale creator Toby Fox’s theme for him during his NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 entrance, with the wrestler teaming with Fox in order to create the special video ahead of his main event match with Hiroshi Tanahashi. This comes after Omega previously claimed that the video wouldn’t air during the Japanese wrestling event.

Omega previously revealed the full-length video on December 31st, 2018, ahead of his IWGP Heavyweight Championship match against Tanahashi. The video, titled ‘Kenny’s Quest,’ aped the style of Fox’s breakout indie hit Undertale, showing a pixelated Omega facing off against challenger Tanahashi. Omega met Fox during Tokyo Game Show, where the pair discussed “hopes, dreams, and of course, determination.”

The video of the collaboration can be viewed below:

However, the Star Wars-esque opening crawl of the video suggested that “circumstances beyond [Omega’s] control” would prevent the video from airing during his Wrestle Kingdom 13 entrance. With Omega being a big video game fan and there being a lot of crossover between followers of wrestling and gaming, many were disappointed that the collaboration wouldn’t make its way to the event.

Fortunately, it seems that those circumstances eventually changed, and Omega got his Undertale entrance after all. The footage can be viewed below:

This isn’t the first time that Kenny Omega has referenced a video game during his entrance. During Wrestle Kingdom 12, he came to the ring dressed as Destiny‘s Osiris, even bringing a Vigilant Wing with him to the ring. His finishing move, the One-Winged Angel, is also a reference to the Final Fantasy VII villain Sephiroth.

While Kenny Omega isn’t signed to the WWE, he has made a big name for himself as a result of his appearances with various high-profile international wrestling companies. Most known for his face-offs against NJPW prodigy Okada, there have recently been rumors that WWE chairman Vince McMahon has lined up a deal in order to court Omega to the company. However, Omega has always maintained that he prefers the independence of the wrestling scene outside of the WWE, so many believe him signing with McMahon would be an unlikely step.

With that being said, it has been suggested that Omega’s losing performance at Wrestle Kingdom 13 is a sign that new things are on the horizon for the wrestler. With him dropping the IWGP Heavyweight Championship to Tanahashi in the main event match, speculation is now rife that Omega is looking to start the next chapter of his illustrious career.