Leaked iPhone 11 renders don’t look all that appealing

The iPhone line of cell phones are known for their sleek, modern designs. But a leak of the upcoming iPhone 11 model (or iPhone XI, if Apple continues the trend of ever more confusing names) showcases a phone that has a very noticeable design change that could disrupt things.

Digit, by way of Onleaks, has released renders of the iPhone 11, which is reportedly set to be released this fall. While there’s nothing too crazy about the design, a big noticeable difference can be seen in the back, with a square camera unit on top supporting three cameras that are aligned non-linearly. The large camera housing makes the phone look a bit unappealing, especially to those who like the previous designs, which didn’t have such large housing.

Of course, things can change. According to the report, OnLeaks says that the iPhones set for release this year are still in the Engineering Validation Test stage, meaning that there could be changes in detail and look before they are officially released to the masses.

The news comes as Apple is entering 2019 on a sour note. Shares are down 40 percent from an all time high from a few months ago and has cut their revenue estimate for the upcoming first quarter results. In terms of the iPhone, Apple has recently posted lower-than-expected sales, with the United States’s trade war with China being one of the reasons. Apple has since then offered price-cuts and trade in offers in an attempt to boost sales.

They are also facing stiff competition from Microsoft and other companies. Microsoft recently surpassed Apple to become the most valuable company in the United States. Apple reclaimed the spot not too long after and has retained it since, but clearly it’s no longer invincible.

The most recent iPhone model to launch was the iPhone XR, which launched on October 26. It features Face ID and portrait mode photography.