PS4 2018 sales bring lifetime total to over 90 million units

PS4 2018 sales have exceeded 90 million units since the console’s introduction in 2013. The console crossed the 90 million mark at the end of November 2018 and continued strongly right up to the end of the year. Holiday sales proved especially strong this time around—more than 5.6 million PS4s were sold to consumers just in time for Christmas. The sales data was collected by Sony during the period of 29 November – 31 January with the exception of some Asian regions that did not start gathering data until a later period. It’s also important to note that this data on PS4 2018 sales was estimated by Sony Interactive Entertainment, so there’s the chance that these numbers are off here or there.

Another interesting number has cropped up in this latest piece of data regarding PS4 2018 sales. Spider-Man for the PS4 has crossed 9 million units sold since its launch. As this is a console-exclusive game (and it’s unlikely that most people would buy two copies), we can infer that roughly one out of every ten PS4 owners has a copy of the game. Additionally, more than 50.7 million PS4 games had been sold during the 2018 holiday season. Odds are, a lot of happy kids got their first PS4 and a couple of games to go with it from Santa this year!

The figure of 91.6 million units places the PS4 firmly at the number 6 position on Wikipedia’s list of top-selling consoles. It’s just 10 million shy of Nintendo’s Wii, a wildly popular machine that sold over 100 million units. The PS4 is also gaining ground on its forebear the PS1 which had 102.49 million sales in its lifetime.

PS4 2018 Sales

A chart from Sony Interactive Entertainment gives us a rough idea of how things progressed. There was a sharp upturn in PS4 sales right around 2015 or 2016 before it started to level off. This increase would coincide with a 2015 price drop of fifty bucks. The original PS4 has since been lowered to $299 and another subsequent price drop could very well result in another spike.

However, the king of this particular hill happens to be another Sony product: the PS2. The PS2 managed to sell more than 155 million consoles throughout its very long life. That particular machine only stopped production in 2012—12 years after its initial launch. Repair services for the world’s most popular machine carried on all the way up until September of last year. If the PS4 continues its success, we may not see it leave the market until 2025.