Still salty over Blackout? An Alien MMO is in the works for PC and consoles

Fans were left a little disappointed after the reveal of Alien: Blackout earlier this week. The upcoming game is set to be exclusive to mobile and tablets, something that irked a few fans. But it’s not the only game from the franchise we’ll see this year after FoxNext Games mentioned an upcoming Alien MMO in a press release for Blackout. Details on the game are still light though we do know that developer Cold Iron will be helping out for the as yet unannounced title.

As for what this MMO will be, all the press release references is the game being a “massively multiplayer online shooter set in the Alien cinematic universe for consoles and PC,” which doesn’t tell us much. What we do know is that the studio working on the title, Cold Iron, has previous work with titles like BioShock Infinite, Borderlands, and, erm, Star Trek Online – still, two out of three isn’t bad. Cold Iron were acquired by FoxNext in 2018 and have seemingly only been working on this Alien title since the acquisition.

The news may very well soften the blow of Alien: Blackout for some fans, though it seems that much of the frustration that was directed towards the mobile game was because it wasn’t what they had hoped for, that being a direct sequel to 2014’s Alien Isolation. And while Alien Isolation was a lot of things, one thing it certainly wasn’t, was social.

An Alien-themed MMO sounds like it could be pretty fun, perhaps with players taking up the role of marines in an abandoned space station, à la Aliens. Though in a year that’s already got The Division 2 and Anthem on the horizon, an MMO Alien game may very well get left by the wayside.

As for Alien: Blackout, we reported that the trailer hadn’t gone down too well on YouTube since it was published. And that trend hasn’t slowed down, with the trailer’s dislikes now sitting at just over 26,000, though the likes for the trailer have risen from 300 to just over 600. Alien: Blackout is set to arrive for mobile on January 24, but a release date for Cold Iron’s Alien MMO still isn’t known, we’d expect a title first, to be honest.