New Splinter Cell teased by an unlikely source

The latest tease for a new Splinter Cell has surfaced, officially making it the worst kept secret since the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. The latest find comes from an updated Facebook image for a popular voice actor in Italy, Luca Ward. We were certain that we’d get an official announcement for a new Splinter Cell at E3 2018 but nothing materialized.

Luca Ward, a prolific Italian voice actor, recently updated his Facebook header imager to a shot of himself, with Sam Fisher’s iconic three-pronged green lights glowing in the background. Ward has a fairly decent catalog of voice acting, having previously taken up the role of Sam Fisher for the series’ Italian dubs.

Whether the picture means that Ward has already begun working on lines is something we don’t know, though dialogue recording and specifically translated dialogue, is often one of the last things to be done in a game’s development. We’d say it’s a safe bet that it means Ward has most likely reprised his role as the Italian Sam Fisher but hasn’t started recording yet.

It’s the latest in an ever-growing list of teases that seem to lead nowhere for a Splinter Cell announcement though. We recently heard from Jade Raymond that a new Splinter Cell concept had been in the works at Ubisoft before she left. And even earlier this year, a new Splinter Cell game was spotted on Canada’s Amazon site, leading many to believe that a game would be announced at E3 but – as you well know – it led to nothing.

Considering Michael Ironside reprised his role as Sam Fisher for a cameo in Ghost Recon Wildlands not too long ago, we’re surely inching closer to an official announcement of a new Splinter Cell title. To be honest, it’ll be more of a relief than anything, as Ubisoft has managed to drag it out for far too long, surely we’ll see an announcement this year.