Dragon Age 4 multiplayer suggested by job listing

Dragon Age 4 is still a long way off, but we at least know for sure that it’s coming, since it was finally confirmed as in-development at The Game Awards in December 2018. However, other than that brief teaser and confirmation, we don’t have a title or any real information about the game. However, with the information from new job listings for developer BioWare, we can at least presume that there will be Dragon Age 4 multiplayer modes.

The posting, which is for “Franchise Technical Director” at the studio, can be found on LinkedIn (originally spotted by Gearnuke). The role will apparently be for “a key member of the Dragon Age franchise leadership” who will have a major role leading the Dragon Age 4 development team. The most interesting part of the job description, is in the “role responsibilities” section. While most are about technical programming and general experience shipping games for PC and console, one particular requirement is of interest: “experience developing multiplayer games.”

While not entirely unexpected, this is the first suggestion that we’ve had that the next Dragon Age game will have some sort of multiplayer. It’s not surprising, however, since BioWare’s last few games have all had online modes. Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer was particularly well-received, despite the series being entirely single-player up until that point. Dragon Age: Inquisition had some similar multiplayer modes, and of course the studio’s latest game Anthem is meant to be played in groups.

Officially speaking though, the only solid evidence we have about Dragon Age 4 is the teaser trailer released last month, narrated by the mysterious Dragon Age Inquisition elf mage companion Solas, and even that was taken from Inquisition‘s last DLC Trespasser. The new Dragon Age is a long way off, but with EA’s games being generally all online now, we can certainly expect the same for Dragon Age 4 when it finally comes out.