Black Ops 4 gay character hinted at in comics

Following the Overwatch news this week that hero Soldier 76 is canonically gay, a video from YouTuber Drift0r has suggested that there’s a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gay character: Specialist Prophet is part of the LGBT community according to the canonical Black Ops 4 comic books.

With a total of ten Specialists available in Black Ops 4, Treyarch released single-issue comics in the run up to the release of Black Ops 4, each one fleshing out the backstories of the Specialists. In one scene from these comics, the Specialist Prophet was revealed to have an intimate history with a man named Sam. YouTuber Drift0r has suggested this scene confirms him to be the Black Ops 4 gay character.

This video surfaced the day after it was revealed that Soldier 76 from Overwatch is a gay character, with yet another comic showing that the hero was previously in a relationship with a man named Vincent. Soldier 76 was later confirmed to identify as gay by the Blizzard Lead Writer Michael Chu on Twitter.

While the comic depicts the close relationship between Prophet and Sam, which degraded as a result of the Specialist’s excessive physical augmentations with tech, it’s unconfirmed whether this relationship was in fact romantic. platonic, or something else entirely. Treyarch has not yet released a statement on this matter so it cannot be confirmed either way at the time of writing.

In addition to the suggestion of a Black Ops 4 gay character, Drift0r also intimates that Spectre from Black Ops 3 could be non-binary or gender-neutral character. This is hinted at by the androgenous likeness and ungendered voice modulation of the assassin Specialist. In fact, there are rumors that Spectre is in fact a “non-sexed clone” designed to be an assassin, according to Drift0r, but this is not canonically confirmed in the comics, nor in the mainline series of Black Ops games.