Summit1G beats Ninja on Twitch by playing Sea of Thieves

Twitch streamer Summit1G has become the most subscribed Twitch channel today with 42,935 subscribers, ranking 1,000 more subscribers than the previous chart leader Ninja, according to Reportedly growing from 16,000-18,000 subscribers just a few weeks ago, Summit1G beats Ninja for the top spot after streaming the swashbuckling action game Sea of Thieves for several weeks.

Summit1G celebrated the news in a tweet this morning, thanking his subscribers for their continued support of his Sea of Thieves-focused channel. This news shows the appreciation not only for Summit1G, but also for Sea of Thieves – a game that we thought would ride the coattails of PUBG, but has since failed to solidify a consistent player base.

The news that Summit1G beats Ninja for the top subscribers could contribute to suggestions of an end to Ninja’s dominance on Twitch. Many other streamers recently expressed discontent with his New Year’s Eve adverts appearing in their own streams, with Ninja then failing to get New Yorkers to floss live on television on the night in question.

It’s important to make the distinction that Twitch subscribers are users that pay a monthly fee to gain access to extra content or express gratitude to a specific streamer, while Twitch followers are users that do not contribute money to the streamer. Ninja was the first streamer to hit 10 million followers last year and still holds the top spot for Twitch followers, while Summit1G ranks in fifth place with almost 3.5 million followers.

Following recent allegations of his toxicity in PvE servers, Summit1G has dismissed complaints during a recent stream as “bias” against him as a streamer, despite fans’ worries about “extreme toxicity” hampering his streaming. Time will tell if Summit1G will hold this top spot for long, but his Sea of Thieves streams are consistently growing in popularity, shared widely by his fans.