Ninja vs HighDistortion 100,000 kills challenge ends prematurely

It’s been a bit of a slog in the whole Ninja vs HighDistortion face off but it seems that the race to 100,000 kills in Fortnite is now a one-horse race. Ninja has bowed out of the challenge, leaving fellow streamer HighDistortion pretty much unopposed. The challenge was set up by the Fortnite community rather than Epic, but it’s likely the developer will show some kind of acknowledgment to the achievement in some form.

The race to 100,000 kills in Fortnite has been going on since 2018, and while a fair few people have joined in it quickly became apparent that the two frontrunners were the man about town, Ninja, and the streamer HighDistortion.

At the time of writing, HighDistortion leads the pack with a total of 98,614, while Ninja remains second with 97,586 kills. Though in that time, Ninja has bowed out of the race, explaining in a tweet that he’s ‘taking a break and giving up on the race to 100k.’ With HighDistortion’s closest competitor just under 8,000 kills behind him, it now seems that HighDistortion laying claim to the 100,000 kill title is close to a certainty.

Ninja’s premature departure comes after HighDistortion began a campaign of brutal, 30-hour streaming sessions, that saw him play an extra 3000 matches more than Ninja, something that might explain him being constantly riled-up during streams. So, it’s a testament to Ninja’s ability in Fortnite that he managed to keep the gap between himself and HighDistortion so close.

The 100,000 kills challenge comes with no actual prize for hitting that number other than the bragging rights. Though it’s entirely possible that developers Epic will acknowledge the achievement somehow in the game, though the studio hasn’t commented on whether it has anything in mind just yet. We’re hoping for some kind of monument that’ll end up being blown up in every match.