Assassin’s Creed Odyssey map ads are plaguing players following recent update

In the latest Ubisoft news, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey map ads are now plaguing players after the release of the game’s second DLC episode. Following this update, players are reporting that ads for the Legacy of the First Blade DLC are displaying every time the map is opened, prompting frustration over the invasive marketing bug.

First recorded by Reddit user hip_hop_opotimus, there are now multiple reports of the same ad displaying before the map is accessible, regardless of whether players already own the DLC. For anyone currently enjoying the recently released DLC, this has hampered gameplay significantly, interrupting quests with the same ad when players frequently need to view the map.

The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey map ads have only appeared since the release of the 1.12 update, which brought a whole host of bug fixes in along with the DLC. While some players have reported resolving the issue simply by relaunching the game, some have not been able to prevent the invasive adverts from appearing. Ubisoft’s Twitter support has advised PC players to verify their Uplay cache, but have not yet addressed the issue on consoles.

In the meantime, with potential spoilers for the DLC ahead, Ubisoft is also facing criticism for forcing players to have a baby in the DLC missions, regardless of the romantic choices they made in the game. After launching with the option to romance both men & women, complaints have been made that these changes directly clash with player choices throughout the main story, all in the name of establishing an Assassin’s Creed generational timeline.

With two-thirds of players choosing to play the male protagonist, Alexios, in the main story, it’s evident that player choice is a popular mechanic for fans. In fact, the series has enjoyed such a great reception that an Assassin’s Creed symphony tour is coming to the US this June.