The Troy Baker 10 Year Challenge may have given away the Death Stranding release date

You may have seen those 10 Year Challenges doing the rounds on social media lately, they’re pretty fun, right? But when people saw that the Troy Baker 10 Year Challenge included his character from Hideo Kojima’s upcoming Death Stranding, it’s led to suggestions that Baker accidentally revealed the Death Stranding release date.

Oh, social media trends, where would we be without you? They’ve become handy little markers for games recently, the latest being Troy Baker’s recent tweet (below) which may have given us some indication as to when Death Stranding is arriving. In his 10 year challenge photos, which Baker posted on Tuesday, he’s included one of the characters he voiced in 2009, Snow from Final Fantasy 13, and then in the 2019 box, he’s included his character from Death Stranding, the Man in the Golden Mask. Being the internet, people didn’t look at this as being Baker simply joining in with the fun and instead opted to analyze literally everything.

The strange thing is, some of it makes sense. One tweet points out that Baker includes a question mark at the end of his tweet so that it reads “#2009vs2019…?” It’s a long shot but it could be interpreted to mean that Baker is well aware of when the game will drop and is playfully teasing fans with the tweet.

Of course, this could be absolutely nothing. It could be and seems more likely that Baker is simply including one of the characters from a game that he’s working on this year. We’ve seen only snippets of Death Stranding since it was announced in 2016. Whether or not we’ll see Death Stranding on the PS4 is something that’s been in the air a little, Sony is rumored to be gearing up for a 20202 announcement of the PS5 and it’s not hard to imagine Death Stranding being a game made for the PS5 rather than the current-gen system. Still, we can live in hope that Death Stranding will be arriving this year to, well, mostly confuse us.