Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid announced, first trailer features original Green Ranger

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is due for release in April. The fighting game will feature characters both from the long running children’s television’s show present and past.

The press release says that the game will be a “easy to learn, but hard to master” fighter that would “[deliver] a modern take on the Power Rangers franchise.” It also noted a more streamlined combat system, though apparently more advanced players would be able to find depth within it.

Developer nWay, who also developed the mobile title Legacy Wars, promises new content and game modes throughout the year.

The first trailer shows a few fighters duking it out, most notably the original Mighty Morphin Red ranger. Towards the end of the trailer, Jason David Frank, who played the original Mighty Morphin Green ranger, can be shown playing the game.

Battle for the Grid will also feature online play, with cross-play enabled for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC players. 

Power Rangers fans have been asking for a high fidelity fighting game on console and PC that match up iconic Rangers and villains across the expansive Power Rangers multiverse for quite some time now,” said Taehoon Kim, co-founder and CEO of the game’s developer, nWay. “We wanted to deliver this to the fans and make sure it has cross-play and cross-progression capabilities as we believe playing with friends across multiple platforms at the same time is where the future of gaming is headed.”

The game is now available for for pre-order over on the Battle for the Grid website. PlayStation 4 pre-orders will start shortly, and those who pre-order prior to launch will get to unlock a special second skin for the Mighty Morphin’ Green Ranger.

A digital collector’s edition will also be available. It will feature the full game download, the season one pass that will have three new characters (and their arcade mode story) as well as new Lord Drakkon Evo II and Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger skins.