Hitman 2 Bonus Episode takes players back to Hokkaido

The first Hitman 2 Bonus Episode has arrived, sending players back to Hokkaido from Hitman 2016. IO Interactive quietly dropped the new episode today with nothing about the event detailed in the January Roadmap. It’s been a busy month in Hitman 2, with a host of new featured contracts and escalation challenges being highlighted in the game before the latest Elusive Target launches on January 25.

So, is this a new Bonus Episode for Hitman 2 or would it be more accurate to call it a Bonus Episode for the 2016 Hitman? Players who don’t own the previous title  aren’t able to access the game until a free trial pops up on January 22, unlike the Christmas themed mission IO brought to Hitman 2 from Hitman 2016 late last year.

Whatever you think about where this Bonus Episode belongs, the thing we do know is that there’s a new mission available. Players will be revisiting the very lovely looking Hokkaido map as everyone is celebrating a Snow Festival. Among those celebrating in the futuristic spa is the Russian fireworks factory owner, Dmitri Fedorov, and it looks like it’ll be his last Snow Festival thanks to Agent 47.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the Hitman Bonus Episodes, they’re extra missions which have you returning to previous locations. Though maps often undergo a noticeable change, The Sapienza level from Hitman 2016 was redesigned as a film set for an Iron Man style film, while the game’s Morocco Bonus Episode saw players return at night, with a disco in full swing and even the chance to dress up as a fortune teller.

It’s not the only bit of extra content we’ll see this month. January has already seen a swathe of new featured contracts, created by players and picked by developers, for you to try your hand at. And the third Elusive Target will go live on Friday, sending players back to the Isle of Sgail to murder The Appraiser.