Resident Evil 2 N64 devs will livestream the remake

Here’s a thing I didn’t know, there was an N64 port of Resident Evil 2. And here’s another thing, the Resident Evil 2 N64 devs are planning a livestream of the remake. The stream will go live on February 1 and it sounds like it’ll be worth a watch if you’re a fan of the series, or if you just want to see what all the fuss with the remake is about.

Seeing that the original Resident Evil 2 was designed with disc storage in mind, the port to a cartridge system that lacked the same amount of storage meant that the N64 port of the game was quite an interesting adventure. And it’s something that the dev team will be chatting about when their livestream kicks off. Along with some chatter about that port and the development process of the N64 version as well as how it’s different from the PlayStation version, the livestream will show off some footage of the Nintendo version while the team plays through the remake of Resident Evil 2 which released today.

Whether you’re an old hand at the series or coming into it fresh, the livestream sounds like it’ll be a fairly interesting glimpse into how the series has changed along with how the way people make these games has changed too. You’ll be able to watch the stream on Twitch. It’ll start from 2 PM PST (10 PM GMT) on February 1, so make a note of the date if you want to watch it live.

It’s been a pretty busy day for Resident Evil news. You might not have heard but the Resident Evil 2 remake released today and it sounds like it’s a bit of a winner. Along with that, we’ve seen reports that a Resident Evil Netflix series is in the works, with Constantin Film – the team behind the film adaptations – apparently leading the charge on the TV series.