Report: Resident Evil Netflix series reportedly in the works

The Resident Evil 2 remake may not be the only product helping to bring the iconic zombie series back in the popular conscious. A Resident Evil Netflix TV series is reportedly coming although little is known at this point. However, if true, this looks like it will be handled by Constantin Film, the production and distribution company behind the live action films.

Deadline reported that this “globally original” series is in its early stages but has not yet found a showrunner. The report also claims that the show will keep the basic premise of the games and “expand” and “deepen” the existing mythology that has been going on for almost 23 years. It will also dive deeper into the inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and “the new world order caused by the outbreak of the T-virus.” The T-virus is one of the most notorious virus names in the series as it plays a huge role in the series.

Netflix has not commented on the existence of this show and neither has Capcom. There was also no rumored date attached to this project.

The Resident Evil Netflix series is not the only non-gaming version of Resident Evil that we’ve heard of recently. In November 2018, Greg Russo, the writer for the upcoming Resident Evil movie, talked about the film and how it will focus more on horror. He cited Resident Evil 7 as inspiration as that game also moved away from action and back to the franchise’s roots. However, Aquaman and Saw director James Wan is no longer associated with that project. Johannes Roberts (47 Meters DownThe Strangers: Prey at Night) is still set to direct.

The Resident Evil films, while not as critically acclaimed as the games, are still the most successful video game films of all time. Since 2002, the six films have earned $1.2 billion worldwide.