Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro orders are being canceled by GameStop

GameStop appears to be canceling some Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro orders. Users on Twitter and Reddit began noting that their pre-orders for the special edition PS4 Pro bundle were getting canceled without reason. If you didn’t get a tracking number for your Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro, your order might be in peril.

A number of people took to Reddit and Twitter voicing their frustrations over canceled orders. It’s unclear how many orders have been canceled by the retailer, but fans who forked over hundreds of dollars are more than a little miffed that their orders are being canceled mere days before Kingdom Hearts 3 launches.

On Twitter, GameStop has been responding to a number of individuals through its support account and issued a wider statement in the past few hours through its main account.

Customers who received email cancelations got the vague “an unforeseen issue” as for why their limited edition PS4 Pro orders were canceled. The company’s Twitter account clarified that it oversold the bundle, but doesn’t explain how that happened. Sony and Square Enix announced the bundle back in December and presumably had a set number of units to be produced. In any case, GameStop canceled people’s orders and they aren’t happy about it.

One Redditor spoke with a GameStop customer service supervisor about their order’s cancellation. The GameStop employee told this Redditor that Sony is not manufacturing any more Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro systems. The employee also said that the limited edition PS4 Pro bundle was out of stock almost immediately. Others in that Reddit thread noted GameStop employees might have ordered the console for themselves, causing the company to oversell. Some in-store pre-orders for the Kingdom Hearts 3 PS4 Pro bundle have also seemingly been canceled.

It doesn’t seem like there’s anything GameStop or customers can do to get one of the limited edition consoles now. Those that didn’t get their order canceled should have tracking information and be receiving their consoles soon. The eBay resellers must be happy about this fiasco.