DB FighterZ Season 2 Pass characters revealed; includes Jiren and more

The DB FighterZ Season 2 Pass trailer has dropped just before things start to heat up again in the chaotic fighter. Joining the fun for the game’s second outing is Jiren and a few other characters who are handy with their fists. According to the Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer, we’ll see two characters arrive on January 31, with another two “coming soon,” and two more characters yet to be announced.

The first new fighter to be announced for Season 2 is Dragon Ball Super‘s Jiren. Being shown just absolutely battering Goku in his announcement trailer, he looks set to transfer a good deal of his renowned power from both the anime and the manga into Dragon Ball FighterZ. Jiren seems to have a “can-do” attitude too, with motivational sound bites such as “all is possible with power and power alone!” It remains to be seen whether Jiren will get a story arc in the game, though his character has a pretty decent tale to tell from the anime so hopefully, we’ll see some of it in the game.

Along with Jiren for Season 2 comes the crime-fighting Videl who also goes by her superhero alias, The Great Saiyawoman, yes, seriously. Videl is shown laying into Maijin Buu with a handful of lightning-fast combos and a few hurtful remarks being thrown about. The fight is then interrupted by, can you guess!? No, it’s not a bird or a plane, it’s The Great Saiyaman or, y’know, Gohan with a pair of sunglasses and a cape. It seems like Videl will be able to summon Gohan to fight alongside her in fights, with gameplay showing him dealing a bit of damage before acting as a barrier for Videl.

Both Jiren and Videl are poised to join the fray on January 31. The end of the trailer also teases two new fighters in Broly and Gogeta. Though we don’t have a date for when these two will be available as playable characters. There was another tease for two more fighters who are yet to be announced but as it stands, Season 2 is looking set to be a decent outing for the game.