Super Smash Bros Ultimate Piranha Plant free redemption period almost over

Don’t forget that this Thursday is the last day to unlock Pirahna Plant in Super Smash Bros Ultimate for free. What will undoubtedly become the best — or at least the weirdest — fighter in Smash Bros Ultimate is free for everybody who registers their copy of the game before Friday.  After that date, the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Piranha Plant fighter DLC probably won’t be free.

Unlike the fighters that will be in Smash Bros Ultimate‘s fighters pass, Piranha Plant is free as an early adopters reward. Piranha Plant is expected to release sometime before February 15, so fans won’t have long to wait to play as their favorite flora.

Redeeming Piranha Plant if you bought Super Smash Bros Ultimate digitally

Redeeming Piranha Plant should be especially easy if you bought Smash Bros Ultimate digitally on your Switch. Buying the game should have automatically registered it to your Nintendo Account, and the associated Piranha Plant download code is probably in your inbox. We’ve found searching for the word “piranha” to be the easiest way to find the redemption email. Double check in your spam folder, and if you bought the game recently an email should appear within the next 10 days. The download code can be redeemed in the Switch eShop.

Redeeming Piranha Plant with a physical copy of Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Redeeming Piranha Plant with a physical copy of Smash Bros Ultimate is a slightly more complex process. First, you must register your game cartridge manually. Follow the steps outlined below to do this:

  1. Highlight Super Smash Bros Ultimate on your Switch.
  2. Tap the Plus ( + ) button
  3. Scroll to the “My Nintendo Rewards Program”
  4. Click on “Earn Points” within that tab.
  5. Pick the Nintendo Account you would like the game linked to.
  6. An email containing the Piranha Plant redemption code should be on its way.

Once you have the code, you’ll want to open the Nintendo eShop on your Switch. Head over to the “Enter Code” tab and then do exactly that. Redeem the code and once Piranha Plant is available you will follow instructions within the game.