American McGee wants to make ‘Wonderlair’ Alice Theme Park

American McGee has expressed the desire to create a sort of “Wonderlair” Alice theme park for fans of his dark interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s classic novel. At the moment, American McGee is working on putting together Alice: Asylum, the third game in the franchise of delightfully dark games. As part of that endeavor, a development studio is being put together in Thailand. Mr. McGee wants to do a bit more than just make a game, though — he wants to turn the studio into a “vacation destination for Alice fans.”

The name for this proposed Alice theme park would be “American McGee’s Wonderlair.” Among the proposed attractions would be a version of the Chesire Cat’s forest that fans could explore, an animatronic Mad Hatter (and presumably other animatronic characters), and the option to stay overnight in the Queen’s Castle. It’s an idea that certainly has a lot of promise, although there are several complications surrounding American McGee’s dream.

To start, American McGee says in his Facebook post that the name “Wonderlair” has already been taken. If he did go through with his idea for an Alice theme park, he’d probably have to either come up with another name or arrange some kind of licensing to make use of the name. He also raised concerns about being “sued by Disney” for having a castle in his Alice-themed vacation destination, although that bit was likely tongue-in-cheek.

Another matter of concern surrounding the potential Alice theme park is whether or not it would be popular enough to warrant continued operations. A similar park in South Korea has effectively been abandoned for years. Any serious attempt at a similar endeavor would probably have a tough time at being a successful business. (On the upside, a creepy abandoned theme park would certainly fit in with the darker themes of the American McGee’s Alice games.)

American McGee’s idea for an Alice theme park may just be a passing thought, but it’s an idea that could very well work. His Patreon has been steadily growing as he continues his efforts in making the next Alice game a reality. Go ahead and check it out if you want the chance to get your hands on some neat American McGee’s Alice merch before it’s all gone!

[via Blue’s News]