American McGee gets YouTube copyright claim on American McGee’s Alice sequel let’s play

In (one of the) latest YouTube copyright snafus, American McGee has had a let’s play of Alice: Madness Returns, the sequel to America McGee’s Alice, DMCA’d (along with many other videos). McGee’s let’s play is one of potentially thousands of videos that seem to be erroneously targeted by Illustrated Sound, a multi-channel network focused on Portuguese music.

Illustrated Sound has issued an apology via Twitter. However, according to replies to the apology, the false claims are continuing at a rapid pace. It’s likely that whatever automated Content ID system Illustrated Sound is using is at fault here, and the network claims to be working with YouTube to drop the claims as quickly as possible.

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This is just the latest incident to highlight how broken YouTube’s copyright claim system is. Even though it’s absolutely absurd to think American McGee received a claim for a video of a game, that’s synonymous with his name, this sort of thing occurs daily.

As of writing, there’s no word on whether the claims have been dropped against McGee.