Pewdiepie back on YouTube after month break

Image Source: Pewdiepie/YouTube

Pewdiepie is back on YouTube with a new video after a one month and five-day hiatus. Pewdiepie took his first extended break from YouTube in ten years, starting on January 15, 2020, when he posted the video, “It’s been real, but I’m out!” Although he was very clear that he’d be coming back after a break, his absence led many fans to wonder if he’d retired for good.

Pewdiepie marked his return to YouTube with a video titled “I went on a break for 30 days & THIS HAPPENED.” The title seems to be a bit of a gotcha since he just talks about toilets in Japan and then spends around 12 minutes reacting to memes on Reddit.

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Although he’s back on YouTube, Pewdiepie didn’t share his future plans for his channel. It can be assumed he’ll begin to upload videos again on a regular schedule. He’s still got a considerable fanbase and until late last year was the most-subscribed channel on YouTube. Despite being overtaken by Bollywood music conglomerate T-Series, Pewdiepie is still the #1 independent content creator on YouTube, with 103 million subscribers.

Pewdiepie may be keeping it a bit low key after his break, though. After being the subject of numerous controversies over the last few years, he deleted his Twitter account in December. He claims it had something to do with Nicomachean Ethics and the propensity of Twitter users to “virtue signal.” Whatever the reason behind deleting his Twitter and taking a break, it seems like Pewdiepie is back in action, and we can expect to see regular content from him again starting today.