Activision issues subpoena to Reddit to find Modern Warfare battle royale leaker

A Modern Warfare battle royale mode was likely coming at some point, given the leaks and overall popularity of the mode. And, of course, a picture of such a feature eventually made its way onto the internet. In response to this leak, Activision has reportedly issued a subpoena to Reddit to expose one leaker.

TorrentFreak has claimed that it has obtained the documents of said subpoena, which was filed on February 14. Obviously, the leaks took place far before that. Leaker and YouTuber TheGamingRevoYT (TheGamingRevolution, no relation, on YouTube) posted a video earlier this month stating that players were able to glitch their way through the menus and find the Warzone battle royale mode. That video was quickly hit with a copyright claim by Activision.

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That just serves more as corroboration for the alleged “culprit” of these leaks: Reddit user Assyrian2410. They created a post on the Modern Warfare subreddit with an image of Warzone, which TheGamingRevoYT also backed up as true. But even that tweet was removed and that account was suspended. Assyrian2410’s Reddit account also no longer exists.

Activision issues subpoena to Reddit to find Modern Warfare battle royale leaker

The ‘Classified’ section of Modern Warfare’s menu, which many believe to be its battle royale mode.

Activision’s subpoena is asking for the identity of Assyrian2410 because they “posted infringing Activision content.” The subpoena even includes the URL of the discussion thread but without the aforementioned Warzone picture as it was deleted.

Going after someone who posted the picture seems like a huge display of power and it probably at least partially is. But that may not be the main idea here, especially since the image is still readily available online. Assyrian2410 allegedly confessed to getting the image from an inside source, despite the thread title saying they found the pic online. It is possible Activision wants to find that inside person and is just following the breadcrumb trail.

The subpoena was signed by the county clerk Jordan Burgan on February 19 and will require Reddit to hand over the personal details of Assyrian2410 by February 28. But it is unclear what Reddit even has on this person, given how Reddit doesn’t require personal information to sign up to it.