Modern Warfare battle royale mode found in leaked multiplayer modes list

Talk of a Modern Warfare battle royale mode just won’t die. Following a recent leak, a new data mine of the beta’s files has apparently found more hints about the supposed mode. The leak supposedly details all of Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer modes, including the much-rumored battle royale mode.

The leak comes from data miners connected to data mining site VG Sources. The list, which was found in the files of the PC version of the beta, contains a number of classic Call of Duty multiplayer modes such as Gun Game, Capture the Flag, Kill Confirmed, and more, alongside the battle royale mode.

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All in all, the list contains about 41 different multiplayer modes. However, VG Sources cautions that some of the modes may be included in the list simply for testing purposes, and may not be in the actual game. Other games in the list may possibly be coming as post-launch content.

The possibility of some of the modes coming as post launch content is an interesting one because of how it ties in with previous leaks and rumors surrounding the battle royale mode. An earlier leak from this past August indicated that the Modern Warfare battle royale mode would be coming some time next year. Of course, the same leak also stated that the mode would come as a standalone free-to-play spinoff of Modern Warfare instead of being part of the main game, so who knows who’s actually telling the truth?

Of course, with what we know all based on leaks, it really is hard to say whether or not Modern Warfare will really have a battle royale mode. While the number of leaks and data mines about the mode seem to indicate that it’s true, it is hard to verify these reports without any sort of confirmation from Activision or Infinity Ward. At this point, folks will likely have to wait until after the game hits stores on October 25 to find out.