Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift fix claimed to exist (and it only costs $9)

An inventive Internet user claims to have found a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift fix — and the product in question costs less than ten bucks. The problem of Joy-Con drift has been plaguing Nintendo Switch owners for some time now, and a potential fix could be a godsend to those who are at their wit’s end.

Joy-Cons are controllers released by Nintendo for use with the Nintendo Switch. The console itself ships with two of them and gamers can pick up extras for playing with more people. Unfortunately, it appears that the sticks are getting stuck, and the problem has gotten so bad that a US law firm has explored the possibility of kicking off a lawsuit against Nintendo over the issue. Now, a solution to the problem may be available to those who want to take a chance.

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A forum-goer on ResetEra claims that he’s found a product that “works like a charm” as a Joy-Con drift fix. Bear in mind that neither we nor anyone else has independently verified this fix — use it at your own risk!

nintendo switch joy con drift fix

The product in question is WD-40 Specialist Contact Cleaner Spray, an item that can be picked up for less than ten bucks on Amazon. (Right now, it just so happens to be on sale for under $7 for an 11. oz can.) According to this ResetEra member, using a liberal amount of this contact cleaner spray gets things fixed toot sweet.

“It worked like a charm, I just sprayed twice under the stick cap and did a 360° for a minute, the joy-con was [functional] immediately.”

As the old adage says, WD-40 fixes anything that’s supposed to move and duct tape fixes anything that’s not supposed to move. If this really did work, it seems like the axiom holds true even for us gamers. It might be worth trying, but remember that it’s at your own risk! Otherwise, you can try to get your Joy-con working again in a safer fashion.

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