Sony removes PS4 video over Steven Universe plagiarism allegation

PS4 Lineup promotional video has been pulled by Sony after allegations of Steven Universe plagiarism (and other media properties) by its animation director Kevin Bao.

As reports, allegations arose that pieces of the PS4 lineup promotional video were effectively copies of several other animated properties. Aside from the alleged Steven Universe plagiarism, other IPs like FLCL and works from other creators like Oleg Kositsyn, Vincent Chansard, and the Gobelins animation are alleged to have copied for the creation of the video.

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A list of animators and properties that are alleged to have been copied in the PS4 Lineup promotional video has been compiled by @catsuka on Twitter:

  • Steven Universe Movie
  • FLCL
  • Last Word by Oleg Kositsyn
  • Orphée by Gobelins
  • Vincent Chansard
  • Mailed it by Gobelins
  • Jocelyn Charles
  • Lune of Atlantis – Moonlight by Souviens Ten-Za

Eallin Animation, the company behind the PS4 promotional video, has issued a statement on Twitter and severed relations with the animator Kevin Bao.

“We had no knowledge that the work produced by Kevin Bao was plagiarized,” the tweet from Eallin Animation stated. “We have ceased with immediate effect any representation of Kevin Boa’s work and have contacted Kevin for a response.”

You can see a mirror of the full video with alleged Steven Universe plagiarism below.

[Header image credit: @catsuka on Twitter]