Fallout 76’s old bugs resurface after players install new patch

Players are reporting that old bugs that were previously taken out of Fallout 76 have been reintroduced following a new patch.

The latest patch that was released on January 29th apparently did more bad than good in fixing problems. Players are reporting (via Eurogamer) that bobby pins are back to 0.1 after a previous patch on January 10th fixed the issue, scaling them down to 0.001, saving valuable item space. Other issues that were fixed in previous patches also resurfaced, including fusion core spawn rates at workshops and item duping exploits.

On top of all the old bugs, there are even new bugs to be found. One player on Reddit reported that they were unable to use any bulk junk for repairing and crafting. Players are also calling for skill points to be refunded, as new balancing changes to the perks system have likely altered the way players use their characters.

Strangely, the post that reported the bobby pin change was removed from the Fallout Reddit. Despite this, developer Bethesda replied in the same post that they are talking with the developers regarding the bugs.

On top of perk balancing and other bug fixes, the latest update also adds “known” and “owned” tags for recipes, turrets and plans.

Fallout 76 has had a ton of problems since its release back in November. Among other glitches, server crashes and immortality bugs soured people on the game soon after release. Bethesda, after initially promising refunds, backpedaled on the offer. This was not met with the warmest response, as a class action lawsuit against Bethesda for allegedly deceptive practices was filed soon after.

Another issue revolved around a bag that came with the Collector’s Edition of the game. Whereas the bag seen in the promotional material was seemingly made from nice canvas material, people were surprised when they received a bag made out of nylon upon release. Bethesda issued an apology saying that the material seen in the promotional material was unavailable.