Some Smash Ultimate saves are being corrupted because of Piranha Plant

You many want to save your Smash Ultimate saves. A new bug was introduced in the latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate patch that is supposedly corrupting save files. Piranha Plant’s introduction hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, but the bug is rather easy to avoid.

Following Smash Ultimate version 2.0.0 earlier this week, a number of users found their save files being corrupted. At least, according to reports from @SSBUNews. SSBUNews reports that Piranha Plant can cause corrupted save files after using the new fighter in All-Star mode.

Outside of All-Star mode, Piranha Plant doesn’t seem to be causing any issues. A number of users have suggested it’s related to cloud saves, while others believe it to be related to digital copies of the game. In any case, avoid using Piranha Plant in All-Star Smash for now.

The current top post on the game’s subreddit has more information. According to that post, Century Smash is also corrupting save data when using Duck Hunt or Mii Swordfighter. However, it doesn’t appear to happen every time although this could be because of a variety of factors.

Redditor Nico_is_not_a_god posted a quick fix for restoring save data if it gets corrupted. As long as you pay for Nintendo Switch Online, you can use the backup cloud saves to help out. Backup Smash Ultimate saves can be downloaded from the cloud and should be able to replace corrupted saves.

Nintendo has not given any information or responded to anything regarding the bug. Bandai Namco and Sora co-developed Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo, and the game was released in December 2018. Piranha Plant is the first DLC fighter for the title and was an early adoption bonus to buyers. Piranha Plant is still free to buyers of Super Smash Bros Ultimate before Friday, February 1. Just don’t let the fighter corrupt your Smash Ultimate saves.