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Smash Ultimate 2.0.0 update patch notes | Piranha Plant joins the roster and more

The new Super Smash Bros Ultimate update is here. Smash Ultimate 2.0.0 update patch notes brings Piranha Plant and a host of rebalancing to Nintendo’s premier fighting game. The new Smash Ultimate patch 2.0.0 is a quick download away.

Smash Ultimate 2.0.0 Update patch notes | Piranha Plant joins the battle

Piranha Plant was announced for Smash Ultimate during the game’s Nintendo Direct on November 1. The new potted fighter is an early adoption bonus, still available before Friday. If you haven’t yet claimed the new fighter, do it now.

Upon booting up Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2.0.0 update, a splash screen announcing Piranha Plant’s arrival will appear. The fighter is available immediately and can be found in the last row of fighters.

Piranha Plant’s regular special “Ptooie” spits a spiked ball out of its mouth. Holding the special button keeps the ball in the air and it can be blown in different directions using the control stick. Piranha Plant’s side special “Poison Breath” spits a slow-moving poison mist. The longer this is charged, the more damage and range it has. Poison Breath hits enemies multiple times. “Piranhacopter” is Piranha Plant’s up special, seeing it fly into the air.

Piranha Plant does damage to enemies contacted during this move which can also be directed left or right. Piranha Plant’s down special, “Long-Stem Strike” has increased range the longer it is charged. The special can be aimed as well. Piranha Plant’s Final Smash summons Petey Piranha who attempts to trap enemy fighters in cages before launching them.

Smash Ultimate 2.0.0 Update patch notes


You can now play Spirit Board with up to four players. Select the Spirit you want to challenge on the Spirit Board, and then go to Party → Fighter to select the number of people who will play. When playing with multiple people, you will lose the battle if any player is KO’d.

The below Spirits will now appear in the Shop.

  • Partner Pikachu
  • Partner Eevee
  • Dice Block
  • River Survival
  • Golden Dash Mushroom


Adjusted the calculation method for Global Smash Power.


  • Added the DLC fighter Piranha Plant

    *Piranha Plant will become available for purchase as DLC at a later date
  • Pressing both jump buttons at the same time will now cause you to Short Hop.
  • Fixed the issue where the KO score included your teammates’ KOs when Team Attack was on.
  • Game-balance adjustments. You can see which fighters had specific adjustments on the official website. It’s quite extensive but lacks the frame data and specific numbers.
  • Various gameplay fixes.

To install the update highlight Super Smash Bros Ultimate on your Switch and press the Plus button. Then select Software Update and select “Via the Internet.” The update should download promptly.