Resident Evil 2 stats show 173 million dead zombies (and counting)

A variety of Resident Evil 2 stats are now available for viewing online. Players have been thoroughly enjoying the Resident Evil 2 remake and it shows in the sheer number of zombies obliterated by gamers to date: over 173 million of the undead legion have bit the dust so far with almost 25 million of those kills being achieved through the use of the combat knife. That’s well over half the population of the United States! Resident Evil 2 remake players also fired nearly 47,000 tons of ammo to bring down the shambling baddies in their adventures—the equivalent of over 620 million fireworks.

Players have put a crazy amount of time into the game so far, too. More than 2,367 man-years—yes, years— have been spent fighting through Raccoon City. The 2,000-year mark was crossed before the game had even been out for a week. A small portion of that time was spent on the classic puzzles that the Resident Evil franchise is known for. Nearly cumulative years have been spent trying to clear a half-dozen of the game’s more challenging conundrums.

Aside from the above Resident Evil 2 stats, a number of interesting other metrics have been recorded by the developers. 486,641 players—28 percent of the playerbase—have stared at the body of the Mayor’s Daughter. Over 150 million cockroaches have been triggered. As for the game’s other creepy monstrosities, the dreaded Tyrant (AKA Mr. X) has stalked players for a total of over 10 million kilometers.

These Resident Evil 2 stats supplement the revelation that 79% of players chose to play as Leon for their first playthrough of the remake. Roughly one-third of players have managed to clear the game with their character of choice thus far. Interestingly, players who picked Claire are apparently more combat effective: the kill:death ration for Claire is 13.7 and is approximately 33 percent better than Leon’s 9.7 K:D ratio. You can see the full Resident Evil 2 stats over at the game’s official website, although you’re going to have to log in to get specific details on some of the game’s hidden elements.