Nutaku boob-shaped console launches and it’s already sold out

Adult game website, Nutaku, is looking to build its brand, and one of the ways it’s doing this is through its new boob-shaped console. Nutaku has described the console as being the home to a premium collection of adult games, and apparently, it’s enough to warrant some buzz because the console has already sold out, though Nutaku has updated its product page to say the console is being restocked.

Thankfully, Nutaku hasn’t opted for calling it a boob-shaped console, instead dubbing it simply as “The Console.” Though just underneath that fairly innocuous title is a machine that boasts a pre-installed “library of free-to-play and premium adult titles.” Essentially, The Console is similar in its model to what we got with the PlayStation Classic or the Nintendo mini-consoles, just, y’know, with sex games instead of Mario. Along with the games themselves, The Console’s design is covered with a silicone shell to give it a “flesh like feel,” while the console’s power button acts as the nipple on the outer boob design. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write.

The Console will set you back $170 (£130) but the price is apparently a fair one. At the time of this story, The Console has sold out. Nutaku has updated the product page for The Console, explaining that it is being restocked, though when we’ll see more models arrive hasn’t been detailed but we’ll keep you… abreast of the situation (sorry).

Nutaku thought that The Console would be a clever way of it celebrating its four-year anniversary. And what a four years its been for the adult-gaming site. Not only has it rocketed up to being one of the top-500 websites for traffic last year, it’s somehow managed to infiltrate the esports scene after teaming up with YouPorn.

You could argue that, given Valve’s history of cracking down on raunchy games on Steam, which saw a huge cull of titles, Nutaku has picked up that slack, benefiting in the long-term to the point where the company can create a boob-shaped console, apparently just for funsies. Will you be picking up The Console or is it a hard pass for you? Let us know in the comments or actually, maybe that’s something you’d prefer to keep to yourself.