Anthem next-gen console release under consideration by BioWare

An Anthem next-gen console release is under consideration by BioWare. At the moment, Anthem is steadily heading towards its planned release date of February 22, 2019. While BioWare’s next big game is coming to modern consoles, some might wonder about where the game is headed in the future. With rumors of the PS5 and a new Xbox on the horizon, the question is this: will we be seeing an Anthem next-gen console release?

Speaking to 3D Juegos [Spanish], BioWare Producer Scylla Costa effectively states that their focus is currently on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. With the game’s release date just a few weeks away, that’s a perfectly understandable stance to take. However, Mr. Costa hasn’t entirely ruled out the possibility of an Anthem next-gen console release. While it’s something they’d like to do, there are several factors that have to be considered before undertaking such a project.

One thing that has to be considered is when the next PlayStation and Xbox are actually going to be released. Mr. Costa indicates that this is one of the important factors that will decide whether Anthem comes to next-gen consoles. If they take too long to come out, BioWare may be ready to move on to the next game and not see it as a good value proposition.

Ultimately, whether or not we’ll see an Anthem next-gen console release comes down to when we’ll get a new PlayStation and Xbox, and also how long BioWare is intending to keep Anthem running. They certainly could keep the post-launch content coming for a while, but whether or not the game has continued success is something that’s entirely up in the air. We can’t quite say what the future holds for Anthem, but BioWare at least seems open to bringing it to next-gen consoles. Whenever we get them, that is.