New Creative Assembly FPS in the works, District 9 director visits studio

new Creative Assembly FPS is in the works and it’s looking like it might be an interesting project. Previously, a trademark for Alien: Blackout had gamers wondering if we’d be getting another top-tier spooky FPS in the vein of Alien: Isolation. It instead turned out to be a mobile game that was nonetheless a worthwhile experience, but it was a far cry from a big budget production that fans may have been hoping for. It appears that this mobile game was not the only project they had in the works, though, as it seems that a new Creative Assembly FPS is on the way.

The first hints for this new Creative Assembly FPS arose when a round of job listings at the company indicated some details about the game. These job listings indicate that the game will likely have a science fiction theme, multiplayer components, and a tactical-style experience. Other job descriptions stated that they were looking for developers with experience in “economy, progression and retention methods, leaderboards, challenges, world building and events”, strongly hinting that we may be getting a game with some kind of RPG elements and very possibly an MMORPG (or something close to one).

While the job listings were evidence enough for some, the new Creative Assembly FPS hasn’t been addressed by the company in public very much. That is, until now:

A tweet on the company’s official Twitter account shows District 9 director Neill Blomkamp posing for a photograph with some of the staff from Creative Assembly. (We’re still waiting on District 10, Mr. Blomkamp!) In the above tweet, they talk about the development of their “brand-new FPS IP”. This may very well indicate that they are working on something truly original or with an intellectual property that they haven’t yet had experience with.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know for now. Creative Assembly has effectively released a new game every year since 1998 and we already know that Total War: Arena and Total War: Three Kingdoms are their next projects. That means that we’re not likely to get our hands on the new Creative Assembly FPS until 2020 or later—that is, unless they decide to surprise us.

[via ResetEra]