Alleged Titanfall Apex Legends map leak provides first look at island locations

The rumored upcoming Titanfall battle royale game Apex Legends has reportedly had its map leaked. The map of this new game world shows an interesting island map with an array of different landscapes for players to battle it out on. Go ahead and take a look at the map for yourself:

Titanfall Apex Legends map

While many battle royale games feature a lot of open space, the Titanfall battle royale map appears to be much denser than comparable games judging by the size of buildings and roads. This makes sense in a way; after all, you’re running around on big honking robots and they’re going to need a little more than a puny tree for cover. The island appears to future several distinct biomes including a desert area, some kind of graveyard with a gigantic skeleton, forests, and swamps.

Of course, a view of the alleged Apex Legends map just gives us a little insight into what the game is going to be about. We can clearly see that there are varied landscapes, so players will be sure to have a lot of different ways to make use of the terrain for their battles. What we don’t know is how exactly the game will work in terms of its mechanics or how many players will be able to duke it out in a battle. We’ve also yet to hear about what kind of payment model this rumored Titanfall battle royale will be going with, although there are suggestions that Apex Legends will be launching as a free-to-play title.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to find out more about this game. We’re going to find out more about the rumored Titanfall battle royale pretty soon, and by “pretty soon” I mean “right now.” Pop on over to to see the reveal stream live at 11:00 AM Eastern time.

[via Windows Central]