New Left Alive gameplay offers 9 minutes of action

A video showing off some new Left Alive gameplay has popped up on Square Enix’s Japanese YouTube channel. The video features Producer Shinji Hashimoto at the controls, a man who worked on the first Front Mission game as well as many titles in the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy franchises. In total, we get a solid nine minutes of brand-new gameplay to check out.

The video of the new Left Alive gameplay begins in a barn where Mr. Hashimoto searches some crates and gets a lay of the land by checking out the map. He then carefully ventures outside to a do a little exploring. It isn’t long before he encounters his first enemy and elects to throw a grenade from a fair distance away. While he manages to hit his mark, the enemy survives and returns to his post. Mr. Hashimoto takes a shot at the guard, but his enemy appears to be implacable. Ultimately, he decides to run up and bonk him on the head with a lead pipe.

Mr. Hashimoto soon finds himself in the loft of another barn attempting to rescue a hostage. The hostage exclaims that you should run, and at that very moment several soldiers enter the ground floor of the building. Once again, the decision is made to eschew traditional weapons and beat the heck out of the bad guys with a pipe. The video of new Left Alive gameplay continues with a humorous misstep into a fire and a bit more running around before coming to an end.

The video concludes with tsuzuku, a Japanese word that essentially means “to be continued.” We’re likely to see another gameplay video (perhaps from the same session featuring Shinji Hashimoto) at some point in the near future. Left Alive will launch on the PS4 and PC in Japan on February 28, 2019, with the game coming to the West a week later on March 5. In the meantime, you can watch the new Left Alive gameplay on YouTube.

[via Twinfinite]