The Steam Lunar Sale has a few quirky features

Valve’s Steam sales usually play host to some decent deals, and the Steam Lunar Sale looks to offer similar sorts of savings along with a few other features that should help keep a few extra dollars in your pocket.

According to an email posted over on Resetera, Valve is toying around with two new features that it hopes will send Steam users into a buying frenzy. The first feature sees customers saving $5 for every $30 they spend, while the second feature rewards you with points for every purchase you make during the Lunar Sale. You can then use these points to redeem for an extra $5 discount or else spend them on badges or profiles. According to the email, neither scheme will affect developer revenue from sales—a hot topic of late now that a number of games have moved exclusively over to Epic Games’ Store, which offers a far more generous revenue split for developers.

The majority of users on the aforementioned thread seem to be more interested in the badges and emotes that they can get with points though. The cartoon pig badge seems to be the most popular so far, though there’s been some love for the pig with sunglasses too. Fair play, Valve, you seem to know what people want.

The Steam Lunar Sale promotions are interesting, though whether they’ll be enough to push players into spending more to activate those discounts remains to be seen. As for the games themselves, you can pick up Tekken 7 for half price, while Far Cry 5 has had a 75 percent price drop. Similarly, Batman Arkham Knight and Dark Souls 3 have also been cut by 75 percent, bringing their prices down to single figures.

The Steam Lunar Sale runs until February 11, you’ll have to the chance to save up some points and spend them either on an extra discount or on some new badges, whatever you prefer.