No More Heroes’ Travis teased for Smash Bros Ultimate DLC

Travis Touchdown has been teased for future Smash Bros Ultimate DLC, with the No More Heroes protagonist likely set to make his way to the Nintendo Switch brawler. Travis has been widely speculated to appear in the game as a downloadable fighter, though a meeting between Suda51 and Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has offered the bigger indication thus far that this will be the case.

A photo of the meeting was captured and posted to Twitter by Suda51, the designer behind No More Heroes. Suda had previously stated that he wanted to see Travis make an appearance in Smash Bros, though the decision wasn’t up to him.

When asked if he’d approve of Travis appearing in Smash Bros Ultimate, Suda51 told DualShockers: “Of course, but it’s up to the media people. They have to take a stand and make Nintendo put him in the game.”

Travis was previously rumored to appear in Smash Bros Ultimate, before Persona 5‘s Joker was revealed for the game. Piranha Plant has already been added, and director Kumazaki Shinya recently hinted that a Dragon Quest character would also be introduced to its lineup.

In a post on Instagram, Shinya revealed an image of Kirby positioned next to what the director referred to as “the Brave’s shield.” The Hero class in Dragon Quest is referred to as the Brave class in the Japanese versions of the Dragon Quest games.

Travis making his way to Smash Bros would make sense. The character recently appeared on the Nintendo Switch in the game Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, released last month. Nintendo hasn’t exactly been shy of including characters from other properties in Ultimate, with the game including a variety of playable fighters from across numerous franchises.

While Travis has yet to be officially confirmed for Smash Ultimate, this meeting between Suda51 and Sakurai seems like a strong indication that we’ll be seeing a collaboration between the two in the near future.