Destiny 2 Valentine’s Day event gives everybody a bow

Bungie announced that the Destiny 2 Crimson Days event will return this year, on Tuesday, February 12. The Destiny 2 Valentine’s Day event brings a special Crucible playlist and a unique bow available to all Destiny 2 players. The event is set to run until midday Tuesday, February 19.

The developer (and recent publisher) shared details about the Crimson Days event in a blog post earlier today. To begin the event, speak to Lord Shaxx in the Tower. The main mode in Crimson Days will be Crimson Doubles, a two on two round-based version of Clash in the Crucible. Bungie recommends playing with a buddy, although matchmaking is available in the Crimson Doubles playlist. To focus more on team play, players will gain increased ability generation when near their partner. If you end up too far from your partner, you will become revealed on the map for your enemies.

The Crucible remains the focus for the Destiny 2 Valentine’s Day event, although there are PvE bounties available as well. Lord Shaxx is handing out special PvE bounties for Crimson Days, including a weekly bounty tasking you to complete the Nightfall strike with your Crimson Doubles partner. PvE bounties and completing Crimson Doubles matches net a unique currency, Confectionery Hearts.

Like last year’s Valentine’s Day event, Confectionery Hearts are used to purchase rewards. The rewards and their prices have also been revealed:

  • Tirastrella Legendary Ghost Shell – 25
  • Undeterred Exotic Sparrow – 50
  • The Vow Legendary Bow – 100
  • Wardcliff Coil Ornament – 125
  • Flaunting Dance Legendary Emote – 150
  • Warmhearted Gift Package – 15

The Vow legendary bow is a max-power (650) weapon for Forsaken owners. Players who don’t yet own Forsaken can also purchase and use the bow, making it the first bow available to non-Forsaken players.

A variety of triumphs will also be available to complete. Completing the Crimson Days triumphs nets players with a Sugary Ghost Shell. New Eververse items will come in as well, including an ornament for The Vow.

Double drops are also back in the update. A Crimson Engram will drop every time a player earns a Bright Engram. Players an also purchase Crimson Engrams with Silver.