The Outer Worlds can be completed without killing anyone

Pacifist players will likely be happy to know that the upcoming Obsidian RPG The Outer Worlds will let you complete the game without killing a single soul. During a rapid-fire interview, the game’s two project leads Leonard Boyarsky and Tim Cain detailed some of what we can expect from the upcoming single-player experience and how the game will allow players of all temperaments to finish it.

Boyarsky and Cain recently spoke to Game Informer about The Outer Worlds, claiming it will offer players complete freedom of choice in how they can handle violent actions in the game. First mentioned during the interview and later confirmed by Obsidian, the game will allow you to complete it without killing anyone, or if you’re so inclined, killing everyone you meet. Freedom of choice does not mean freedom from consequences, however, as The Outer Worlds will adjust based on the player’s actions and will even feature several different endings to the game. The ending you see will be directly tied to your choices.

This kind of player agency speaks directly to Obsidian’s history of beloved RPGs, most of which were critically acclaimed. Boyarsky and Cain, the original creators of Fallout, said they are determined to provide players with the kind of single-player role-playing experience Fallout was once known for.

The interview also reveals several other small details about The Outer Worlds including gameplay nuances and an expected release window. When the two leads were asked if the game would feature any sort of microtransaction system, they replied with an outright no; a promising sign of Obsidian’s intentions. The game will feature companion characters who will not be romance options but will have their own reactions to your gameplay choices and may leave you if they feel so inclined. Factions will also play a role not only in the game world but also serving as dramatic tension between you and your potential companions.

The game will only be playable from a first-person perspective but will still feature an in-depth character creation system, so hopefully, you can find a mirror to check yourself out once the game gets going.

The Outer Worlds is planned to launch in late 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.